Dimensional Dynamics inc.
3D surface design and creation
Wholesale manufacturer of custom created 2D and 3D surfaces in wood, plastics, composites, aluminum and brass. These designs may be mechanical or artistic in nature, even blended. Design is accomplished using the latest CAD software with internally developed and/or customer supplied data files,drawings, samples or simply ideas.Creation of these surfaces utilize state of the art computer controlled 4-axis high speed machining which is highly accurate and can produce nearly any imagineable surface in great detail. Our  largest machine's cutting envelope is in excess of 12ft.X 7ft. with depths nearly 10 in., however tiny components are also easily produced as the machine resolution is less than .002 inch.
   This service is available to many various industries. There is no limit to the possibilities and typical applications include custom architectural projects, intricate inlays, 3D molds, 2D/3D patterns,custom carving and engraving,dimensional signage and all sorts of component parts.
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